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Last month I had the opportunity to collaborate with a great group of individuals who fed me a sense of purpose and energy that I would like to share with you all. I was privileged enough to team up with the Clocked:In squad as they prepared to launch their movement and online store presence.

The Clocked:In brand represents a lifestyle that commits to the idea of a person meticulously working, day in and day out, on their goals, aspirations, and dreams. A belief that a person should not only strive to live a life that is expected but one that is hand-crafted through persistence, determination, and a grit that I’d like to call (in my Samuel L. Jackson voice):

The Muthaf****n’ Hustle!


What Is Clocked:In?

To get a true definition and feel for what the Clocked:In movement entails, I recommend that you check out their website and follow them on instagram.

In the meantime, I’ll provide you with a summary of my perspective:

The idea is that you commit to your objectives by channeling and aligning your physical, mental, and spiritual energy to those actions that will satisfy the requirements associated with your objectives. As part of this alignment, there is a filtering process of the people, actions, circumstances, and events that do not support your objectives. In other words, muthaf****s’ get cancelled! Yep, that was also in my Samuel L. Jackson voice.

Now as a photographer, my job becomes significantly easier when your beliefs and values are represented in the brand that your client symbolizes. There is an automatic connection that allows me to understand the vision and capture the moments that will accurately communicate the client’s message to its target audience. This was the case with the Clocked:In movement.

I understood the vision, now it was about making sure that the brand fit the vision. You can check out some of my work with the team below!



The Clocked:In team also highlights like-minded individuals who are in the process of pursuing their own passions. The goal is to not only share other people’s experiences and lessons-learned as they pursue their dreams but to also provide transparency and knowledge to those who have contemplated doing so. Ultimately, the hope is that contemplation transforms into execution.

Guess who was interviewed as part of their initial launch….

Me Muthaf***a!

In all seriousness, it was truly a great experience and I was honored to share my passion for photography with the team! I'd like to thank everyone that I was able to work with throughout this project.

Check out my full interview below!



I wish the Clocked:In team all the best as they build their movement!

Everyone has a story, how you author it is your choice. We are here to provoke you to dream big and to smile often. The only thing between you and your goal is effort.



It’s Time to Clock In!”


This blog was brought to you by Samuel L.'s new fragrance:

Until the next time!



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