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We live in a fast-paced world that’s continuously evolving and transforming. As we continue to make unprecedented advancements in technology our lives become more complicated and more distracted. At times, it becomes difficult to see the beauty in our world when there are so many priorities competing for our time. It becomes harder to appreciate moments and easier to take things for granted. The demand of our lives can seem as if they have expedited the passing of time. Photography has been, and continuous to figuratively be, a way to stop time.


My goal here at Ananeya Abebe Photography is to help capture perspective one single frame at a time. My photography aims to help seize these moments so that they’re not lost to you. I also want to challenge you to see people, places, and things in ways that may not have been initially apparent. To not only see but also feel how a single moment can evoke lasting impressions. My passion for photography and ultimate satisfaction derives from the ability to help individuals connect to images.


Come take a journey with me. 

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seeingWOMEN 2020 Logo Honorable Mention.
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